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I have always had a passion for technology and this soon led me to the Internet when I was still fairly young. While experimenting with various aspects of the Internet I decided that I would like to work for an Internet Services Provider and I was lucky enough to get a chance to do so at PIPEX in the United Kingdom. I learnt a huge amount while there and found that although I enjoyed delving deeply into specific technologies, I always also had to understand the entire picture completely, which led to me diversifying and becoming proficient in multiple fairly different skills and technologies.

I was then offered the opportunity to come back to South Africa and start emediaIT with the partners at the time and develop a concept called ethicMail (Patent Pending). emediaIT has been fortunate in being able to attract some of the brightest and most talented minds available and the growth so far looks like it will continue in the coming years. My goal is to grow and foster a truly world class organisation that will not only deliver cutting edge solutions, but really make a difference to the world around us.

I am currently a Systems Architect & Managing Director at emediaIT.


sport, mathematics, performance management, information technology, gadgets, business process design, systems architecture